Set designer and FX specialist Coming from the Northern Land with his knowledge of Make Up, Masks and Ambience of spaces, he is responsible for the bad appearance of our Dr Oxi scenography and ambience.

Musician Showman He has rhythm in his blood and in his fingers capable of both playing wonderful rhythms and tearing out pupils with surgical precision.

Actress and Management Madrid Degree in Dramatic Arts. Great communication professional will make you listen to it, even if it means playing the drum….the drum in your ear.

Actress and Management Valencia Our Producer and Manager in Valencia. Degree in Dramatic Arts. Actress and multipurpose organizer. Make the last day of your life unforgettably scary!/span>

Actor and Director Graduated in Dramatic Arts, he will only worry about how to dismember your body so that you take up less space in our incinerator.

Actor and Producer The culprit of this madness will destroy your neurons to unsuspected limits….